Validate an inbound email list in Google Sheets with VALIDATE_EMAIL

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Jul 7

The VALIDATE_EMAIL function can help any marketer or sales rep clean up a messy inbound list. This tool doesn't do deliverability testing; rather, it validates the format of an email, that the top-level domain (TLD) is valid, e.g. .com, .net, .etc., and validates that the email domain isn't from a known "burner" domain.

Function Signature

=VALIDATE_EMAIL(emails, validate_tld, check_bad_list)

Argument Definitions

[range] emails; required - range of text to evaluate as emails (TRUE) or not (FALSE). If string or number is passed, the function attempts to convert to a date.

[boolean] validate_tld - Validate Top Level Domain (e.g. ".com") as valid against an ICANN list. It's possible that very new TLDs aren't added so this can be turned off.

[boolean] check_bad_list - If true, it checks against a list of throwaway (burner) email domains and will return FALSE even if the email is a valid format.

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We've built an interactive tutorial in Google Sheets where it's easy to see how the function works. You can read the definition, edit examples, and do some practice examples to verify that you understand how to use the function.

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Validate text is valid email format, top-level domain, and not from a spam domain.
Cyrus RadfarCyrus Radfar

Cyrus is the friendly full-stack founder of spread_cheats. He's a work optimization fanatic.

He's also working on other projects through V1.

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