How to add a Cheat to a Google Sheet

If you can copy & paste, you can "install" a Cheat.

Cheats are verified peer-reviewed code snippets to install in the Sheet's code editor. They run as custom functions inside your Google Sheet.

Copying the Code

In many cases, Cheats can be installed by copying the code from the Cheat's page.

Note that some Cheats cannot be copied from the site because the code is too large, so the file must be downloaded.

  1. Select the Cheat
  2. If the code is available on the Cheat, simply click the code to copy it to your clipboard. If it's not available use the link titled "Download AppScript Code" and then follow the remaining instructions.
  3. Open an existing Google Sheet or create a new one
  4. Open the Tools > Script Editor menu
  5. Paste script into file and Save with CTRL+S or COMMAND+S (on Mac)
  6. Return to the Google Sheet and enter the custom function name you added to test it.

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