Sum a range by row in Google Sheets with SUMROWS

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Jul 7

This function allows for summation by row of a large range without using fill-down.

It takes a single argument, the range and outputs the sum by row for each row.

Note: this cheat has the honor of being the "first community contribution" to spread_cheats.

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/** * Adds all numbers of each column by row. * Disregards non-number types like strings and dates. * * @param {Array} input - The data to calculate the sum in each row * * @return The sum for each row as a column. * * @customfunction */ function SUMROWS(...array){ try { //checks if all arguments are of the same size var sizes = ' ' var check = 0 for (a=0;a
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Output the sum by row of several rows in a table without depending on filling down.
Lucas A. Browne DiasLucas A. Browne Dias

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