Add leading "0" other characters before a number or string in Google Sheets with PAD

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Jul 7

The PAD function is a tool for creating output that all has the same length.

Commonly, this can be used to "pad" a single digit number with a leading zero so "1" becomes "01". This function is extensible so the user can decide what character to use and what the length should be. By example, it would be possible to turn "1" into "******1", as well.

Function Signature

=PAD(input, pad_length, pad_character)

Argument Definitions

input [range]

  • required - range of cells to transform with padding.

pad_length [number, default = 2]

  • Number of characters that must be padded. Longer length strings will not be truncated.

pad_character [string, default = "0"]

  • Function uses the first character of the given string as the padding character. Ex. if pad_character is "*", input is 1, the return would be "*1"

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We've built an interactive tutorial in Google Sheets where it's easy to see how the function works. You can read the definition, edit examples, and do some practice examples to verify that you understand how to use the function.

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Create fixed length strings from a number or text input with configurable leading characters.
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