Get all combinations from sets in multiple lists in Google Sheets with COMBINE

Data GenerationLucas A. Browne Dias
Jul 7

The COMBINE function is a helpful tool that can make it dead simple to generate a list of combinations from other lists.

Whether you're looking to randomly select who's introduced to who, manage a menu of items and assign them to days, or solve a math problem for academic purposes, this function can help get you started.

Function Signature

=COMBINE(format, delimiter, ...arrays)

Argument Definitions

[number] format; required - how to generate combinations

  • 1 - separate rows and columns
  • 2 - separate rows
  • 3 - single cell

[string] delimiter - also known as the separator for items in a given combination

[arrays] arrays - two or more ranges to combine

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We've built an interactive tutorial in Google Sheets where it's easy to see how the function works. You can read the definition, edit examples, and do some practice examples to verify that you understand how to use the function.

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Output all the different combinations of a sets of text in three formats.
Lucas A. Browne DiasLucas A. Browne Dias

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